Anti-anxiety Tea for Insomnia and Chronic Worry


Hard Time Sleeping?
Anxious During The Day?
Afraid To Take Pills?
Taking Pills, But Still Not Rested?

This is my tranquil tea. We get the tea, composed of 17 plants and herbs, in bulk; then add 3 more plant extracts, and bag it for you. Take one or two tea bags and put it in 2 quarts of hot tap water, sweeten to taste, let steep one hour then serve over ice. That's it ! Keep the bag in the pitcher and add more hot tap water as needed for up to 4 days, the tea will diffuse out over that time, then discard and make a new batch.

Drink 8-10 oz before bed for insomnia/anxiety

Drink 4-6 oz in the day for agitation/anxiety

The great thing is that it's gentle, effective, can be used during the day and again at night. It smells of lavender and spices, and tastes great sweetened with a little honey or sugar or "as is."

We pack a generous baggie of 6 bags, that enough for over 3 weeks of daily use.

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